Carbon Fiber heet

Every carbon fiber plates is fabricated with multiple layers of high strength 100% carbon fiber prepreg using the best materials and processes available.Special technology ensures the flawless gloss on both sides.The sheets can be custom cut with CNC milling cutting.

Carbon Fiber Tube

Using a full wrap of 3K filament fabric and Unidirectional Fabrics, and a clear epoxy coat for a fine gloss finish for clean airflow. Can be used for widely diverse applications, for example in frames and stands, as well as robot arms and measurement


CNC Service

Numeric control precision cutting. Precision CNC Cutting Service can be offered based on your drawing. If you do not have a CAD drawing, we can make one for you based on the completely dimensioned sketch.


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  • Plain/Twill Weave

  • Unidirectional 

  • Color

1K Carbon Fiber Tube
  • Plain/Twill Weave

  • Unidirectional 

  • Opp

  • 3K Type-Plain/Twill Weave

  • Forged Type

  • Sandwich Type

  • 3K Plain/Twill Weave

  • Unidirectional 

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