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fiberglass rod manufacturers Fournisseur de tiges en fibre de verre (GRP) - Piquets en fibre de verre blanche pour supports de plantes grimpantes

Fiberglass Rods

FRP Rods-the better choice for garden stakes or row cover hoops

Acen is the professional manufacturer of fiberglass rods. Our premium quality fiberglass stakes are made from E-glass fabric that is inorganic ,good resistance to abrasion and vibrations,incombustible,Rot-resistant.UV resistant,flexible and durable fiberglass rods are widely use as plant supports,fiberglass hoops etc. Advantages as follows:

  • UV Resistance 

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Non-conductive and high strength 


  • Light weight and good tenacity 

  • Long lifetime

  • Lower long-term cost 

  • Fire-retardant V2 V1 V0 is available

Fiberglass Stakes

UV resistant,flexible and durable fiberglass Stake rod is a great alternative to bamboo stakes or wooden stakes. Fiberglass FRP rods are widely used for plant supports,such as training stakes, garden stakes, nursery stakes and vineyard stakes,tree stakes, tomato stakes.

Various stakes for choosing.

Different diameter-1/5 in., 1/4 in., 0.27 in., 2/5 in., 5/16 in., 3/8 in., 5/8 in, 1/2 in., 3/5 in., 3/4 in., 1 in etc.

Different length-1 ft., 2 ft., 3 ft., 4 ft., 5 ft., 6 ft., 7 ft., 8 ft. 10 ft 12 ft 

fiberglass garden stakes Plant supports fiberglass stakes supplier
tapered fiberglass rod tige en fibre de verre de couleur supports de jardin en fibre de verre

Different colors




Lime Green



Dark Green



Fiberglass Hoops

Fiberglass hoops tige souple en fibre de verre
fiberglass rods for low tunel,row cover hoops fiberglass stakes,fiberglass rods supplier

Fiberglass rods are also used as frame for grow tunnels and raised beds to protect vegetable and plants from frost,   physical damage, insects or pests during all seasons. .


The fiberglass rods garden hoops are flexible,light weight, strong and eco friendly without rust. The length is no limited.

Contact us freely for more details.

Diameter of Fiberglass Rod:

Fiberglass Decoy Stakes

Solid fiberglass rods also can be used as decoy stakes.The 1/4'' and 5/16'' fiberglass stakes are common sizes.We produce the customized dark pink fiberglass stakes which is closest to the color of snow goose legs,it is better to used as snow goose decoy stakes.Please check the video for more details.

dark pink fiberglass decoy stakes
fiberglass decoy stakes
duck and goose fiberglass decoy stakes
Fiberglass diddy poles,fiberglass rods for bank pole

Fiberglass Bank Poles

Durable fiberglass rods is also the better choice for bank poles fiberglass diddy poles- diameter 1/2'' 5/8'' 11/16'' and 3/4'' and length 6' 8' 10' or 12' solid fiberglass rods are usually used as fiberglass bank line poles.

Application of fiberglass rods:

  • Snow Poles

  • Flag Sticks

  • Yard Markers

  • Gripper Rods

  • Lawn Garden Tool Handles

  • Snow Shovel Handles

  • Utility Poles

  • Marketing Sign Poles

  • Golf Flags

  • Motor Wedges

  • Awning Stiffeners

  • Oil Field Sucker Rods

  • Sports Equipment

  • Tent Poles

  • Fence Post Stiffeners

  • Standoff Insulator

  •  Antenna Housings




Advantages of fiberglass rods

Used as fiberglass stakes
---One of the biggest advantages is their durability.Fiberglass stakes do not rot, rust, or corrode over time. This means you won't have to worry about replacing them as frequently, saving you time and money in the long run.

Fiberglass stakes are also a safer option compared to other types of stakes.They won't conduct electricity,which is particularly important if you're working near power lines. They also won't splinter or crack, reducing the risk of injury.

Used as Fiberglass Hoops 
---Fiberglass hoopes can ben and flex under press,which means they can be easily shaped into different forms and sizes,makeing them perfect for a variety of gardening and agriculture.

Fiberglass hoops are an essential tool for any gardener or farmer who wants to extend their growing season or protect their crops from harsh weather conditions. They are sturdy, flexible, and can withstand extreme temperatures, making them a reliable option for outdoor projects.

Used as Fiberglass Tent Pole 
---Fiberglass tent poles are a crucial component of any tent, providing structural support and stability in windy and unpredictable weather conditions. 

Fiberglass tent poles are also highly durable. They can withstand extreme temperatures, including hot sun and freezing temperatures, without warping or deteriorating. This means you can rely on them for multiple camping trips, without needing to replace them frequently.

More fiberglass rods:

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