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Professional factory offers you premium quality carbon fiber rollers

carbon fiber roller,  carbon fiber Winding roller,Carbon Fiber Anilox Roller manufacturer
  • High strength

  • Low vibration

  • Light weight

  • Low inertia

  • ​Faster line speeds


The premium quality high strength and lightweight carbon fiber idler roller can speed up starting or stopping machines,meanwhile it also reduces vibration,faster line speeds to increase production.It is the better choice to replace traditional steel roller

Carbon Fiber Composite Roller  Rider carbon fiber roller  carbon fiber Pressure roller


We can manufacture all kinds of carbon fiber roller based on requirements,please feel free to contact us 

Carbon fiber idler roller

Custom Made Carbon Fiber Rollers

Carbon Fiber Roller Manufacturer Idle-Motorized Roller in carbon fiber
Composite carbon fiber Idlers carbon fiber Anilox Roller   carbon fiber Winding roller manufacturer
carbon fiber idler roller .JPG
Carbon Fiber Composite Roller Idle carbon fiber roller carbon fiber Anilox Roller supplier
Carbon Fiber Roller Manufacturer Composite Idlers  Carbon fibre mandrels and idle rollers
Carbon Fiber Composite Roller supplier Idle carbon fiber roller  Pressure Roller in carbon fiber

The carbon fiber rollers are widely used for coating equipment, photovoltaic new energy equipment,printing machines,laminating machine,non-woven machine etc.Please feel free to contact us for discussing more details about the carbon fiber roller you need.


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