Carbon Fiber Sheet

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Carbon Fiber Sheet Plates

Premium quality real Carbon Fiber Sheets & Carbon Fiber Panels 

Acen carbon fiber is a professional manufacturer of Rigid Carbon Fibre sheet  with more than 10 years experience.All our carbon fiber laminate sheets were made of high quality Tairyfil carbon fiber prepreg fabric.We can offer you a various carbon fiber composites panels for different application.We can produce the custom carbon fiber panels as large as 118" x 315" and thicknesses up to 2 1/2 inches! 

Acen carbon fiber 

produces various carbon fiber sheets,all these sheets can be devided into 3K plain/twill weave,unidirectional type,forged surface or color carbon fiber plates.The high glossy finish carbon fiber sheets mirror-like ,Matte finish type is also perfect. The thinnest carbon fiber veneer we can do is 0.2mm which is flexible and perfect for decoration or gasket.All these lightweight & high strength CF sheets can be cut to size you need. 

Quasi-isotropic CF Plates


The difference between general carbon fiber sheets plates and quasi-isotropic CF plate:

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In general,the carbon fiber sheets are made of orthotropic laminates which the carbon fiber prepreg fabric were layed at 0°/90° orientation.

The prepreg carbon fiber laminates plates is light weight and high strength which were widely used as drone frame,keybord frame,medical equipments etc.

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The quasi-isotropic carbon fiber laminates plates are made of quasi-isotropic laminates which the carbon fiber prepreg fabric were layed at 0°/90°/45° oriention.It yis more stifness at 45° degree.

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Prepreg Carbon Fiber Sheets

Quasi-isotropic CF Plates