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Carbon Fiber Sandwich Panel Sheet 

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High Glossy








Thinnest: 0.2mm

Thickest: 30mm



Regular: 400*500mm

Other size: 200*300mm

500*600mm or customized

Product description:

  • Carbon Fiber Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

        -- PVC/PMI Foam Core,Aluminum Honeycomb Core,Aramind Paper Honeycomb Core,PP Honeycomb Core,Wood Core 

  • Choosing Toray or Tairyfil carbon fiber material which from Japan or Taiwan.

  • Every carbon fiber Veneer is fabricated with single layer of high strength 100% carbon fiber prepreg with 0/90 fiber orientation.

  • 45 degree is available based on your need.

  • Special technology ensures the flawless Gloss on both sides.

  • Max size is 8000*3000mm,Thickness is up to 60mm.

  • Offer CNC cut service based on your drawing,sign NDA agreement to keep secret of your design.

  • Note: The tolerance of thickness will be a little larger

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Flame Retardant fiberglass nomex core Composite Sheet,aramid honeycomb sheet manufacturer and supplier

Carbon Fiber Foam Core Panel 

PVC / PMI foam

Carbon Fiber Wood Core Board 

Balsa wood

Carbon Fiber Aluminum Plate

AL honeycomb

Fiberglass Nomex Composites Sheet

Aramid paper honeycomb - flame retardant

  Sandwich material  


PVC Foam Core

  • Optimal stiffness-to-weight-ratio

  • Good impact strength 

  • Water resistance

  • Thermal insulation

  • High fatigue resistance.

  • Good fire performances.

  • Density: 60kg/m3 

PMI Foam Core

  • High specific strength and high specific modulus    

  • high temperature stability and good pressure resistance

  • High closure rate: 95%-98% closure rate

  • High porosity and water pressure resistance

  • Good sound insulation, heat insulation and moisture insulation

  • High light transmittance

  • Density: 51kg/m3 

PU Foam Core

the structural properties of urethane foam

ores may not be suited for more demanding

applications, they are used widely to build

thickness, create section-forms, for their

insulating qualities and for flotation.

PET Foam Core

  • Excellent chemical resistance—resistance to solutions, hydrocarbons, weak acids, etc.

  • Good mechanical properties - high shear strength and high compressive strength

  • Can endure up to 180℃ resin curing exothermic temperature in a short time

  • Excellent FST (fire, smoke, and poison) performance

Balsa Wood Core

  • High Strength and stiffness to weight ratio

  • Wide operating temperature range

  • Good chemical resistance

  • High impact resistance

  • Excellent moisture resistance

  • Excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation

  • Density: 150kg - 170kg/m³

Nomex Armid Paper Honeycomb core

  • Excellent flame resistance and self- extinguishing

  • High strength-to-weight ratio 

  • High temperature capabilities

  • Easily formed to shape

  • Corrosion resistance against water, oil, and fuel

  • Good dielectric properties

  • Density: 48kg/m³

PP Honeycomb Core

  • High strength to weight ratio

  • Sound insulation and heat insulation

  • Corrosion, fungi, rot, chemical and moisture resistant

  • good electrical insulation and low dielectric constant

  • Density: 80kg/m³


Honeycomb Core

  • High Strength and stiffness to weight ratio

  • Corrision resistance

  • Flame resistance

  • Good moisture resistance

  • Good sound absorption 

  • Anti-vibration

PMI has high specific strength and high specific modulus. Its tensile, compressive, bending and shear strength and modulus are far superior to those of other foams or light wood cores, such as PVC, PU, PET, and are isotropic. It can improve strength, improve rigidity and reduce weight.PMI foam cores have  mainly been used in higher performance composite parts such as helicopter rotor blades, ailerons and stringer profiles in pressure bulkheads, high speed trains, UAVs, medical equipments, radome and antennas.
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