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Colored Carbon Fiber Plate Sheets

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High Glossy








Thinnest: 0.2mm

Thickest: 30mm



Regular: 400*500mm

Other size: 200*300mm

500*600mm or customized

Product description:

  • High-strength and high-performance color carbon fiber composites Sheet

  • 100% unidirectional carbon fiber with Fiberglass,2x2 twill Kevlar, aramid surface.

  • Every carbon fiber sheet is fabricated with a single layer of high strength 100% carbon fiber prep-reg with 0/90 fiber orientation.

  • 45 degrees is available based on your need.

  • Special technology ensures flawless Gloss on both sides.

  • Max size is 8000*3000mm, and Thickness is up to 60mm.

  • Offer CNC cut service based on your drawing, and sign an NDA agreement to keep secret of your design.

  • Note: The tolerance of thickness will be a little larger

color carbon fiber plates color
Color carbon fiber sheets
Red/green carbon fiber sheets
Blue carbon fiber sheets
Silver carbon fiber sheet
Purplate carbon fiber plates
Green CFRP carbon fiber plates

How to Use Our Color Carbon Fiber Sheets:

  • Select Your Color

Choose the right color carbon fiber sheet for your project.

  • Eco-Friendly Design

Our carbon fiber sheets are easily customizable. Measure and cut to fit your specific requirements.

  • Apply with Confidence

Whether you're creating a sleek automotive interior or adding a touch of flair to your DIY project, our color carbon fiber sheets adhere seamlessly.

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