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Pultruded Fiberglass Hollow Tube Solid Fiberglass Rods

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Pultruded Hollow

Acen manufactures preminum quality FRP tubes in various sizes and shape round , square , rectangular , oval/elliptical and custom made FRP fiberglass profile.

Custom length and wall thickness is available.

​All Fiberglass Tubes are produced by pultrusion process which allows a wide variety of shape and length-fiberglass reinforced plastic tube

e-glass fiberglass square tubes
fiberglass hollow tubes Yellow

Pultruded Fiberglass Composite Tubing 

-- In general, fiberglass pipes are made from E-glass fiberglass fabric and vinyl ester resin

We will choose S-glass fiberglass fabric which is more strenght if you need higher strength fiberglass products. Meanwhile, the epoxy resin can improve the insulation perfermance of FRP fiberglass products. We recommend you the fiberglass epoxy tubes if you need best insulator.

 Fire-retardant fiberglass reinforced plastic tubes are available for your special 

Please contact us​ to check more details about fiberglass tubes

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  • UV Resistant 

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Non-conductive and high strength 

  • Consistent cross section

  • Light weight and good tenacity 

  • Long lifetime

  • Lower long-term cost 

  • Easy installation CNC cutting holes,slotting,threading     



Diameter of Fiberglass Rod:

Diameter of Fiberglass hollow Tube:


  • Dry Type Transformer Spacers

  • Snow Poles

  • Flag Sticks

  • Yard Markers

  • Gripper Rods

  • Lawn Garden Tool Handles

  • Snow Shovel Handles

  • Utility Poles

  • Marketing Sign Poles

  • Golf Flags

  • Motor Wedges

  • Awning Stiffeners

  • Oil Field Sucker Rods

  • Sports Equipment

  • Tent Poles

  • Fence Post Stiffeners

  • Standoff Insulator

  •  Antenna Housings


  • Fiberglass tube price 

We'd like to calculate the price for you if you can tell us more details of FRP tubes you need,such as outside diameter,inside diameter,length,special requirements & quantity etc.

  • Can you produce custom fiberglass tubes? 

Yes,we can. As a professional fiberglass manufacturer,we'd like to offer you all kind of custom fiberglass tubing. It is better if you can send us the drawing of custom made FRP tubes.Then we can quote you accordingly.

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