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5mm 3K Carbon Fiber Flat Sheet Glossy/Matte 

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High Glossy








Thinnest: 0.2mm

Thickest: 30mm



Regular: 400*500mm

Other size: 200*300mm

500*600mm or customized

Product description:

  • Choosing Toray or Tairyfil carbon fiber material which from Japan or Taiwan.

  • Every carbon fiber Veneer is fabricated with single layer of high strength 100% carbon fiber prepreg with 0/90 fiber orientation.

  • 45 degree is available based on your need.

  • Special technology ensures the flawless Gloss on both sides.

  • Max size is 1000*1500mm,Thickness is up to 15mm.

  • Offer CNC cut service based on your drawing,sign NDA agreement to keep secret of your design.

  • Note: The tolerance of thickness will be a little larger



5mm Carbon Fibre Sheets 

-- are commonly used in various parts of drone frames, including the bottom plate, top plates, arms, and side plates. Here are some of the applications of 5mm carbon fiber sheets in these parts:

Bottom Plate: The bottom plate is the main structural component of the UAV/FPV/drone frame that provides support for the other components. 5mm carbon fiber sheets are often used as the bottom plate because they are strong enough to support the weight of the motors, battery, and other electronics while remaining lightweight. The stiffness of carbon fiber also helps to prevent flexing of the frame during flight, which can affect stability and maneuverability.


Top Plates: Top plates are used to protect the electronics and other components on the top of the drone frame. 5mm carbon fiber sheets are often used for this purpose because they provide a strong and rigid surface that can withstand impact and vibration. The stiffness of carbon fiber also helps to reduce the chances of damage to the components due to flexing or bending of the frame.


Arms: The arms of a drone frame connect the motors to the body of the drone. 5mm carbon fiber sheets are commonly used for the arms because they provide a strong and lightweight structure that can handle the stresses of flight. The stiffness of carbon fiber also helps to reduce the amount of flexing or vibration in the arms, which can improve the stability of the drone during flight.


Overall, the use of 5mm carbon fiber sheets in drone frames offers several advantages, including increased durability, improved flight performance, and reduced weight, which can lead to longer flight times and improved maneuverability. By using carbon fiber sheets in various parts of the drone frame, manufacturers can create a high-performance drone that is both strong and lightweight.

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