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4*2*1000mm Pultruded Carbon Fiber Tube manufacturers & suppliers

Pultruded Carbon Fiber Tube 

Acen carbon fiber is the professional manufacturer and supplier of carbon fiber pultruded tubing,we offer the premium quality pultruded carbon fiber tubes in various sizes and length.  Pultruded carbon tubes are made from 100% real carbon fiber and vinyl ester or epoxy resins.

Pultruded CFRP Composite Pipes Hollow Carbon Fiber Rods

High strength 

The Pultrusion CF tubes are made from high tensile and modulus unidirectional carbon fiber and vinyl ester resin or epoxy resin matrix.

Light weight 

​ 1.5g/cm3(1.5 Gram per cubic centimetre) in density, strong as metal but only one fifth in weight. Corrosion-resistant and heat-resisting.

Wide application

Pultruded carbon fiber tube is used for racing drones, RC helicopter wing, kite spars, structural components,frame and supports etc.

Pultrusion Process

Pultruded products are made by pulling continuous carbon fibers combined with a resin matrix  through a shaped die to create the required profile.The dimension of the pultrusion die determines the shape and size of the finished profile,such as round , square , rectangular , triangle , octangon  etc and hollow tubes , solid rods , L profile , U-shape , custom parts.Pultruded round carbon fibre tubes are created by pulling linearly-oriented carbon fibers through a resin bath and the die to form the specified inner and outer diameters of pultruded hollow tube. 

The pultrusion proces is usually used for producing continuous lengths of fiberglass or carbon fiber composite products with constant cross-sections.

Pultruded CFRP carbon tubes
Pultruded carbon fiber pipes,hollow carbon fiber rods manufacturer in China
Pultrusion square carbon fibre tubes,high strength composite carbon fiber square tube

Pultruded square carbon tubes are also produced by pultrusion process which is same as round pultruded tube.Then only different is the shape of die.

Custom Size Carbon Fibre Pultruded Tube CF Profiles

In general,we need make new die for custom pultrusion products for special projects.You can send us the drawing for reference,then we can calculate the price accordingly for you.

Pultrusion square carbon fibre tubes

Custom Size
Carbon Fibre Pultruded Tube

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