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Forged Shred Carbon Fiber Sheet Plate

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High Glossy








Thinnest: 0.2mm

Thickest: 30mm



Regular: 400*500mm

Other size: 200*300mm

500*600mm or customized

Producct description:

  • Choosing Toray or Tairyfil carbon fiber material which from Japan or Taiwan.

  • Every carbon fiber Veneer is fabricated with single layer of high strength 100% carbon fiber prepreg with 0/90 fiber orientation.

  • 45 degree is available based on your need.

  • Special technology ensures the flawless Gloss on both sides.

  • Max size is 1000*1500mm,Thickness is up to 15mm.

  • Offer CNC cut service based on your drawing,sign NDA agreement to keep secret of your design.

  • Note: The tolerance of thickness will be a little larger

Forged carbon fiber plates

are a relatively new type of composite material that is becoming increasingly popular due to its unique properties.

Here are some potential applications of forged carbon fiber plates:

Knife Blades: Forged carbon fiber is an ideal material for knife blades due to its high strength and durability. The material is lightweight and has excellent resistance to wear and tear, making it perfect for use in high-performance knives.


Watch Cases: Forged carbon fiber is also being used to create high-end watch cases. The material's unique patterns and colors make it a popular choice for luxury watches, and its lightweight and durable properties make it perfect for sports watches.


Automotive Components: Forged carbon fiber plates are ideal for use in automotive components like body panels, interior trim pieces, and wheels. The material is lightweight and strong, which can help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle while maintaining strength and durability.


Aerospace Components: Forged carbon fiber plates are being used in the aerospace industry for applications like structural components and interior parts. The material's high strength and stiffness make it perfect for use in aircraft, and its lightweight properties can help reduce fuel consumption.


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