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What's the Carbon Fibr Roller

Carbon fiber composites roller are made of high strength and light weight of carbon fiber tubes,it includes both dead and live shaft idlers,are converting rollers.

carbon fiber composites roller manufacturer

Lightweight carbon fiber composites idler rollers are perfectly alternative to steel roller and aluminum roller.The high performance carbon fiber roller featuring a lightweight design, high stiffness ,low rotational inertia, and high critical speed. It widely used for coating equipment,laminating equipment for film manufacturing, printing, converting, and paper making.Carbon fiber roller can efficiently increase production line speed,reduce amount of defective material, and improve production line efficiencies. Acen carbon fiber specializes in designing and manufacturing of carbon fiber composites roller for various industrial applications. 


Carbon fbier roller advantages

  • high stiffness

  • Low weight

  • Low inertia

  • high critical seed

  • improve production 

  • reduce material waste


Carbon fbier roller application

  • Coater

  • Laminater

  • Separator

  • Slitter

  • Printer

  • Non-woven Machine


Customize Carbon Fiber Roller

Do you need custom made carbon fiber composites rollers for your projects.If yes,please contact us freely to discuss more details.We will try our best to offer you the premium quality carbon fiber composites rollers

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