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4.5mm 5mm Pultruded Carbon Fiber Rods for olive harvester

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Carbon fiber rods 4.5mm 5mm

-- high strength epoxy carbon fiber sticks or olives harving rods

Carbon fiber rods with diameters of 4.5mm and 5mm are commonly used to manufacture olive harvester brushes and combs. 

These rods are made from high-tensile strength carbon fiber with epoxy resin that is lightweight and strong.

The flexible carbon fiber sticks help olive harvesters harvest olives more efficiently and safely.

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Lightweight: Carbon fiber is much lighter than metal, making the harvester easier to maneuver and reducing operator fatigue during long periods of use.

Durability: Carbon fiber is resistant to corrosion and is stronger than metal, making it more durable and long-lasting. 

Flexibility:With its high degree of flexibility, carbon fiber rods are ideal for olive harvesting brush and combs, where harvesters need to reach into tight spaces and maneuver around branches without damaging them.

Improved performance: The use of carbon fiber rods can enhance the overall performance of an olive harvester by making the tool lighter and more flexible.


Cost-effectiveness: Long-term cost savings from reduced maintenance and repair costs make carbon fiber rods a more cost-effective solution in the long run than other rods.




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