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Tapered Carbon Fiber Tubes Tapered Carbon/fiberglass Composite Tubes

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Brief Detail


High Glossy






Wall Thickness

Thinnest: 0.5mm
Regular: 1mm/1,5mm/2mm

Product description:

  • The high strength and light weight carbon fiber tubing tapered is made of Toray T300 100% real carbon fiber fabric and cured in high temperaturer.all roll wrapped conical/tapered carbon fibre tubes with perfect surface high glossy or matte finish,3K weave or unidirectional type.

  • We are not only offering the standard carbon fiber conical tubes,we can also custom round&tapered carbon tubes which is round at one end and conical tubes at another end. Feel free to contact us if you need the special tapered wrapped carbon tubes.

  • Tapered Carbon Tubing are widely used for carbon tail boom for gliders,Carbon fiber Pool Snooker Billiard Cue Shaft,golf shaft, ski poles or other industrial/sporting application​

  • We offer CNC cutting service based on clients' requirements.

  • Customized dimesion & material fiberglass/carbon fiber roll wrapped tapered tubes is available based on your need

carbon fiber conical tubes for pool snooker billiard cue shaft


  • High Strength

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Wide Temperature Applications

  • Consistent cross section

  • Non-magnetic or electromagnetic

  • Hight weight-Less density

Custom made Carbon Fiber Conical Tube 1500mm: 17*15*800mm(round) & 12*10*700(conical)

Carbon Fiber Tapered Pipes for musical equipments

Conical CFRP Pipes - Thin wall thickness 0.5mm length 110mm,mini carbon pipes for musical equipments. 

konisches Carbon rohr length 110mm mini carbon fiber tapered tubes for bow

Roll Wrapped Tapered Fiberglass Tube

-- flexible tapered fiberglass tubing for floor lamps

The total length of tapered fiberglass tube is 3200mm which is connected by two pieces tapered fiberglass pipes. Due to the flexibility of the roll wrapped fiberglass tubing, the height of the lamp can be adjusted for lamps of different weights.

Of course,we can produce all kind of customized tapered fiberglass tubes for different application.
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Please contact us​ to check more details about fiberglass tubes

roll wrapped fiberglass tubes tapered
Tapered fiberglass tubing
tapered fiberglass pipes

Ralated Products



More size is coming soon,contact us freely if there is no model you need.

We will customized conical carbon fiber tubes for you based on the specification you need.

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