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Mold Press Square/Rectangle Carbon Fiber Tube

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Carbon Fiber Square Tubes-compression molding process

Acen carbon fiber offers square rectangle hexagonal octagonal carbon fiber tubing in various size for different applications.

All our light weight and high strength carbon fiber square tubing are made from premium quality unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg fabric and 3K twill/plain carbon fiber prepreg fabric.Fiberglass fabric is available. 

Ultra-strength square carbon fiber composite pipes can be widely used as  aircraft frames,truss ,agriculture drones or other special application.We can offer 1
/4 ,3/4  or 1 inch square carbon fiber tube,or custom made shaped composites tubes based on different applications. 

In general,the carbon fiber tubing is made from Toray T300 100% real carbon fiber prepreg fabric.Of course,we can also choose high modulus Toray T700 or T800 carbon fiber fabric to meet clients' special requirements.Additionally,Colored Kevlar or forged carbon fiber tubes also can be offered.

We produces round,square,rectangle,oval,elliptical,octagon,hexagonal and custom made carbon fiber tubes and profiles.Die cost can be returned based on order quantity.

Please contact us freely for more details.

Brief Detail


High Glossy








Wall Thickness

Thinnest: 0.5mm
Regular: 1mm/1,5mm/2mm

Producct description:

  • A clear epoxy coat for a fine glossy finish for airflow.

  • Carbon fiber tubes are available in standard lengths 1000mm or 2000mm,meanwhile,wall thickness can be customized.

  • We can also offer CNC cutting service based on clients' requirements,Cutting,Slotting,Drilling,Grinding   


  • High Strength

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Wide Temperature Applications

  • Consistent cross-section

  • Non-magnetic or electromagnetic

  • Light weight-Less density​​


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